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All About Me
Well first off , thanks for stopping by. Anywayz...

I loved Joes growing up , then like alot of folks , I lost interest for awhile. Finally in 1998 I spotted the Stars & Stripes box set at TRU and my love for G.I.Joe blossomed again. Soon after that , I found Ebay , and well the rest is a foregone conclusion. Finally in 1999 , I found out about custom figures. I ran across the Bivouac , which in 2001 turned into I started out making a few. The first were crap , but I'm gradually getting better at it. Recently I've started shooting dioramas. With the help of a great friend , A new love for an aspect of our hobby has been kindled. (BTW Thanx AutobotC5!) I hope you have as much fun looking at them as I had making them. Same for my customs.

Story Behind My Site
To me , This site had to be built. I'd been posting customs and dios at various message boards and such. I just felt like it was time for this chapter of my hobby to come to fruition.

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