Cool Linkage
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In my various journeys on the net , I've found many cool spots to hang out at. Below are the coolest ones that I can think of at 1:00 AM :)

Random Links To Cool Places
411 Wrestling Great wrestling news site
Channel Z THE Zoid site. find all you need here.
X-Entertainment making fun of the 80's is cool
Stick Death Those damn Greens.....

The Best Sites On The Net Today ! The Premier place for customs and dioramas!
Cobra Command Online Dio goodness galore ! Plus plenty of cool customs from AutobotC5
General Hawk's Page The BEST damn dio-story site on the net !
Chad & Matt's Custom Joe Page One of the best custom Joe sites out there today! These guys put alot of dedication into they're work ....and it shows!
Sidewinder's Site Various Joe works , and plenty of comic related goodness.
Zed's Joe Page Dios-a-plenty. And an overall cool guy!
Yojoe Where all Joe fans should start out. You name it , they have it !
QKTheatre The # 1 Place for your daily Joe news. Also a great place to find out about the original Sunbow Cartoon
Wrestlecrap Watch what you step in !