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Snakelings In The Grass
The Story:
Viper training season is upon Cobra once again this year. The young (green) Viper trainees are taken into a remote Jungle location and have a basic training camp . Hiss tanks are the primary method of transporting such a large group of Trainees. The Viper Commander (grey) is supported by his officer teams of purple , blue and gold Vipers. (Dark green Vipers are the Hiss Escorts). The veteran Viper Corps (red/blue v.1) are also crutial in the training process. They usually lead teams of themselves and 2 recruits on patrols . However on this Mission , Firefly has been put with the Viper Corps. Recent intel reports say that a few members of the Joe team have been spotted in the area. It is his job to find the Joes and dispose of them properly. Major Bludd has also been brought on this mission for his vast combat experience and general tactics training. Now I present ....."Snakelings in the Grass"............

This is one of my favorite images
2 Viper Trainees join a Lt. on a patrol of the area
Right Side View
Time to set up a perimiter. And a few Hiss 3's move out to scout around.
God View
Commands and orders are given out while taking this short break from their journey. Some Green Vipers put in a little PT , while others are learning from a TechnoViper how to fix a tread on a Hiss 2.
Looking off into the distance
This Viper sees smoke in the distance. Time to move out and check it out.
Some of the tank jockeys shoot the breeze while awaiting repairs.
Surveying the area
Viper Corp prepares to move out and scout the area.
" Firefly reporting in Sir !"
Here we see Firefly reporting in to Cobra Commander on the status of the training mission. So far , no sign of the Joes.

Continued on Snakelings In The Grass pg 2