Snakelings In The Grass pg 2
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The adventure continues..........

Major Bludd
Major Bludd on the Hiss 2 , no doubt talking to his good buddy Destro

Hiss Patrol
Hiss 3's looking for possible Joe activity in the area.
Eye level
Patrols fan out to protect their flank.
PT time for the rookies
All the while the veteran Viper's taunt the rookies
This I command ! :)
Gold Lt's recieve their orders from the Viper Commander
School is in session
A Techno Viper teaches his skills to the rookies. As soon as their training period is up , they can be eligible to pursue the Techno Viper training program.
Night Creepers On Guard
"You two with me."
A Viper squad leader picks his crew.
"Keep those belly's off the ground ladies !"
The Sgt. taunts the trainees.
Close Shave
Crosshair maintains a silent vigil keeping tabs on Cobra
Rear View
Recon 2
Viper officers move out on the prowl