Sandblasted! pg.1
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The Story
The Joe team has been dispatched to a small remote island to investigate reports of recent Cobra activity. We now find the Joes in their convoy just leaving the beachhead area. They are about to enter a very rocky passage way that looks like it leads to the interior portion of the island. However it looks like Cobra was alerted to this Joe infraction and have set up a trap . Can the Joes survive this ambush?

2 Sand Vipers lie in wait
Here a Sand Viper draws a bead on the upcoming Joe convoy.
God View
Here the Joes are coming up into the brush area of the island. Little do they know what lies ahead.
Sand Viper lets the IMP crew know that its time to fire.
3 Sand Vipers await the Mauler. In moments they will turn to attack.
Ambush from the rocks
just how many Sand Vipers do YOU see?

Continued On Sandblasted! pg.2